The Long and the Short of It: We're Farming for You!

At Full Flavor Farm, we grow produce that is colorful, delicious and nutrient-packed! We do this by starting from the ground up, creating healthy soil with compost and cover crops. Our greenhouse gives our seedlings a head start so they thrive from the moment they are planted in the spring. By the time summer arrives, our crops are bursting with flavor – and that’s when we harvest, just for you!

Grower Ken Hajek and Sidekick Kathy Beasley

A lifetime Northern Californian, Ken graduated from UC Davis with a biology degree. A few years after becoming a dentist, he split his career between dentistry and agriculture.


Over the past 30 years, he has been the chief agronomist for a successful wine grape grower, he created a consulting business to advise farmers on how to improve soil, and he grew strawberries and peaches to sell to Raley's and other retailers.


Ken emphasizes nutrition on our farm for all parts of the agricultural ecosystem because he knows it's the best way to produce healthy fruits and vegetables. Flavor is the indicator that we're doing it right -- so he loves it when people tell him they never knew produce could taste so good! 

Unlike Ken, Kathy never intended to


become a farmer in retirement. But life takes unexpected twists when you follow someone else's dream because you love them. 

Throughout her career, Kathy has always been a writer:  journalist, political press secretary, and owner of a communications consulting business. Ken relied on her to take those skills and make his farm stand business a success by marketing his produce.

For her, the best part has been building a sense of community in a very  old-fashioned way: bringing people together with great food! 

Partners at the Stand: Jen Payne- Pierson & Brooke Lambert

In 2022, we enhanced Full Flavor Farm's capabilities by bringing Jen Payne-Pierson and Brooke Lambert on board to run our produce stand. Jen is a well-known and innovative local agriculture leader and Brooke's baking expertise is grounded in a famed Elk Grove family bakery. 

The two are aligned with our commitment to bringing great food and experiences to the local community. They have the energy, passion and expertise to take this community asset to the next level -- and we are excited to see how the season goes with Ken's great produce and their expansive vision!

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