The Long and the Short of It: We're Farming for You!

The Grower:

Ken Hajek

A lifetime Northern Californian, I graduated from UC Davis with a biology degree. A few years after becoming a dentist, I split my career between dentistry and agriculture.


Over the past 30 years, I've been the chief agronomist for a successful wine grape grower, I created a consulting business to advise farmers throughout the San Joaquin Valley on soil improvement, and I grew peaches and strawberries to sell to Raley's and other retailers.


I emphasize nutrition on our farm for all parts of the agricultural ecosystem because I know it's the best way to produce healthy fruits and vegetables. Flavor is the indicator that we're doing it right -- so I love it when people tell me they never knew produce could taste so good! 

At Full Flavor Farm, we grow fruit and vegetables that are colorful, delicious and nutrient-packed! We do this by starting from the ground up, creating healthy soil with compost and cover crops. Our greenhouse gives our seedlings a head start so they thrive from the moment they are planted in the spring. By the time summer arrives, our crops are bursting with flavor – and that’s when we harvest, just for you!

The Writer:

Kathy Beasley

I never intended to become a farmer in retirement. I've spent most of my life in cities, although I did learn to drive a pickup on Granddad's ranch at the age of 12. I rode horses, herded cattle and chased chickens, but that was decades ago. However, I've always gardened and I love good produce, so Ken and I have that in common, which has brought us to Wilton. 

Throughout my career, I've always been a writer:  journalist, press secretary, government report writer and owner of a communications consulting business.


Marketing produce -- getting the word out to everyone who is a potential customer -- is quite a change in career focus. But I'm happy to help Ken as he works toward his dream: a successful small farm operation that becomes a valued resource for our nearby communities.

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