Nostalgia and Nutrition

The motivation for Full Flavor Farm begins with nostalgia -- nostalgia for the flavors I knew as a kid in the 1950s. My mother was raised a farm girl in Fairfield, CA, and she worked summers in the fruit packing sheds. She knew fruit. So in my upbringing, we ate fully ripe, really flavorful fruit and vegetables that she selected.

There are two requirements for truly healthy fruit and vegetables: There must be an absence of toxins, like pesticide residues, and there must be a full complement of nutrients. Grocery store produce can be deficient in both aspects, and "organic" produce often satisfies only one of these (lack of residues). At Full Flavor Farm, our production achieves both. Being local, we can allow our produce to ripen fully (no tough, under-ripe fruit that can withstand shipping to faraway places).

A century of heavy production has depleted many soils that are used for farming today. Depleted soils contribute to poor nutrient levels in produce -- and that's a concern because plant nutrition is your nutrition. A 1986 study sampled supermarket produce and found great variation in nutrient levels. For example, when they tested spinach, they found iron content ranged from 19 ppm to 1,600 ppm. So if health advisers tell us to eat spinach for iron, it becomes a matter of chance whether what is on your dinner plate is actually delivering iron to you in sufficient amounts. This applies to all fruit and vegetable products.

At Full Flavor Farm, we have taken special care to restore our soil fertility. With our technical expertise and practice of only harvesting when produce is full ripe, we are able to bring the same full flavor and full nutrient level experience to others that my mom provided me when I was growing up.

Healthy soil makes all the difference in plant nutrients.


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