The Missing Blogs

I had this whole plan to post recipes that would inspire people to use the produce we are growing. But the weeks have gone by and it just has not gotten done. There were the great apricot recipes that would have been good when we were selling apricots; the plum recipes that are so yummy, but those are gone; and tasty ways to use blackberries and peaches, also no longer at our stand.

I was going to write clever blogs for each. The first time I ate an avocado cantaloupe salad was at my college professor’s house for dinner and I still remember thinking it was an extraordinary combination I would never have tried. The simple microwaved berry cobbler has meant we could have a fancy-appearing dessert even when it is late, I’m tired and nothing has been prepared in advance. The salsa verde chicken soup only gets better each day it is re-heated.

I should make very clear that I’m just a “good-enough” cook, not an expert chef. I like to find recipes with great ingredients that appeal to Ken and me. But I also like short cuts that make sense without unhealthy additives (I use jars of pre-minced garlic, but no Campbell’s soup). I don’t have patience for things to rise, which is why Ken bakes our bread, not me. I also am not a subtle person (those of you who know me well can stop laughing now), so nuanced flavors don’t work. If a recipe calls for one teaspoon of spice, I’m just as likely to stick in two...or maybe three.

Anyway, today I spent many hours when there were no customers at the stand trying to get our website to cooperate and let me post recipes under a new tab I’ve created (not-so-cleverly called Recipes – remember, I’m not subtle). I finally have it nailed for the desktop version, but if you are trying to read them on the mobile version, you’ll have to give me a few more days to work out the kinks. And someday I may even get around to adding pictures for each, or nice details like how many servings and how long they take to prepare.

In the meantime, happy reading – and cooking!


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