Our Life Echoed on the Silver Screen

“The Biggest Little Farm,” now playing at the Tower Theater in Sacramento, is a documentary about a couple in Ventura County who set out to develop a farm using old-fashioned, ecologically balanced, sustainable methods. Their focus for eight years was bringing depleted, barren soil back to life.

Ken is on a similar journey with our five acres in Wilton – but without venture capital funding, highly paid consultants, a state-of-the-art worm production facility and documentary film-making activities! What we have in common is the belief that if you tend to the microorganisms in the soil with cover crops and amendments, eventually that soil is healthy enough to provide rich nutrients for the produce we grow. The results are healthy, Full Flavor fruits and vegetables that tastes great and are great for you!

The movie makes it clear this isn’t an easy road to take. There are setbacks. Theirs included chicken-killing coyotes, destructive gophers and voracious birds. Ours included this winter’s heavy rains and waterlogged soil that starved the roots of a number of our young fruit trees. But there are also rewards, as shown in the movie.

Soon Full Flavor Farm will be open for business and we hope to start seeing our own rewards – successful harvests and enthusiastic consumers! In the meantime, we encourage interested people to go see this movie to understand what modern-day, small-scale farming can look like.


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