From Our Fields to Your Table:

Ripe, Flavorful,  Healthy

Visit Us at

11975 Arno Road


(East of 99,

South of Elk Grove, North of Galt)

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Our Farming Philosophy

We moved to 5 acres in Wilton in 2017 to start a farm that specializes in healthy, flavorful produce for local consumers. We focus on sustainable agricultural methods, including drip irrigation, integrated pest management and soil rejuvenation.


Because we grow crops for ourselves, our families and our friends, safe non-toxic practices are a priority.


Because we are small and can do all the work ourselves, we have complete control over what we put in the ground, what we harvest from our trees and plants, and what we provide to you, our neighbors and future friends.


Because we are retirees, we have both the time and maturity to grow our business slowly without taking shortcuts.


We look forward to becoming an integral part of the Wilton/Galt/Lodi/Elk Grove community!

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